LP4/ Examples

Here are examples of trustworthy websites.

presumed site
This is the website of Médecins du Monde, international NPO for medical issues, and an example of presumed credibility. The ‘org’ sign shows that this organization is fair, right. Thus, this website is credible.

reputed site
This website is one example of reputed credibility. It was awarded as the best designed website in 2013, and the title secures the reliability of this website.

surface site
This is an example of surface credibility; the design is well organised and looks professional, thus this website is worth while to trust.

earned site
Final example slide is for earned credibility. I have used the website ‘Amazon’ before, and there was no trouble such as delivery or money transferring. This is why I keep purchase goods on this website. Moreover, even though those who have not used this website, they can rely on other’s experiences. This shows the earned credibility of the website.





WordPress.com ロゴ

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Google+ フォト

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Twitter 画像

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Facebook の写真

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