LP1/Q2 – Examples

Aesthetic usability can be found everywhere. Here are three examples which meet the principle of aesthetic – usability effect: Japanese chopsticks, iphone, and computer USB.



Firstly, Japanese chopsticks are one example of a product which design is considered well besides its usability. Even though that only it’s only a tool for food, people decorate them to look cute, so there are numbers of variations of chopsticks. Moreover, chopsticks functions as personal identity, according to their design, which is a common idea in Japan. It is a typical image that a father uses big – black chopsticks, a mother uses long – thin one and children use tiny- cute one at a Japanese dining table. Design of chopsticks was soothing to do with the character of each family: a father is strong, a mother is kind, and children are cheerful. Thus, people feel more attraction to their own chopsticks. Therefore, the design of chopsticks has great meaning for itself.


Secondly, the iPhone is another example of the aesthetic – usability effect principle. The iPhone is not the most technologically advanced, nor the cheapest smart phone available on the market, however, due to a design focused on aesthetics; it prevails as the most common phone all over the world. Even though all the iPhone series meets the function as a phone like sending email, catching a phone call, the innovative design attracts users, and this is why many people buy the latest type even though they already use previous type of the iPhones. Thus, it can be said that iPhone has a strong aesthetic usability effect.

USB characters virsion

The last example of aesthetic – usability effect principal is a computer USB. USB is used to store information inside and mobile it everywhere. Thus, a simple design – a long thin rectangle is most suitable for this product. However, various designs of USB, such as fruits, animals, characters are manufactured these days. This leads to the stress less situation even when there is something wrong with USB, because users feel strong attraction to their products compared to normal types. Therefore, the aesthetic usability effect is met with the design on USB.

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